Sunday, January 2, 2011

cant believe im posting now

suddenly decided to post again. omg idk if anybody is even reading tis since my last post was months ago :S hahaha

Friday, May 14, 2010



to aevorie: there new post(:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Melvin Lim_I_

thrs this guy on facebook named melvin lim(fake name sia)
he say he from our class but he dun dare put name-.-
than th thing that annoys me is that he got pics from ppl in our class, in sch and outside..
that ass hole go copy and paste our pics or go save to com.....f***ing stalker siaa wan go whack his face lahh

Thursday, April 1, 2010

my life starts to suck.

Umm...nothing much to do so im posting something..

as th heading for this post says, my life is beginning to suck. thanks to this spammer, who i think i noe hu it gonna confirm it soon. if you wanna see wad happened, go to my cbox and click older messages. th spammer's "name" is Passerby.

ohh...everyday feels lousy to me now....this stupid literature teacher is driving me crazy..she think she so good.. from jagdeep: stupid old lady haha...its true..
she can even stand racism in class.. what kind of teacher is dat sia
than got my EX co-form teacher.
shout at th whole class and act like wan gangster from china-.-
cb sia dat guy.

it rilli sux to be me now.
two tuitions a week..idiotic ppl around me....stupid life is hell on earth-.-


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Wasup ppl,

so today was mostly alright...had to wake up early to meet jasia. supposed to meet shawn but he sick -.-than she late half an hour...sad
went to pasir ris park ..dan go ehub and watch movie. watch abit dan have to go home.
went home, ate lunch than went over to jason's house for cell..played cards before cell and modern warfare two aft cell...dan went home..shower, than play com until now. parents are not at home...

ohh...and last friday, i went jamming at some studio at some place wif Christian and this new friend I made Feiqri.
We were supposed to go jamming at 4 but due to me and christian's chinese oral exams, we were late. i actually reached home to take my guitar at 4. -.- so i rushed to loyang, then we cabbed to th studio. at th studio, we met this really great guy called david. he is like th manager or something of th shop. so we called him uncle..usually if ppl go to studios to jam, th employees just mind their own business.

th great thing abt david is that he actually took time to coach me and christian in th greenday songs and he printed notes for me:D i am definitely going back thr again soon.

so im gonna watch shows now..
see youXD

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Heyy ppl

so i havent posted anything for abt a month?? yeaa..sorry ahh to lazy..also lazy one ahh..
ysterday, i went to ncc hq to paintball and do stuff....
for paintball, we seperated into teams and shot each this guy from express shot me in th arm from like quite far away but it still hurt like hell.
and even now, its swollen and bruised...but it doesnt hurt unless you press damn hard...
archery, i was lousy.., mr zhao sen made me stand up. than art, nv bring stuff..
recess...this sec one guy called clinton got racists wif my fren..we scared him abit:D but nv touch him i swear:D

ok nth else to say..bye

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Late for school

today, late for school.
left home on time.. everything on time then bus driver drive so th time i reach ehub bus stop got 5min dan i late...
dan walk to traffic light see got 3more seconds than asyraf pangseh me..he go run across th road dun care th car ..dan he juz walk to sch by himself knn -.-...aft dat i surin say giv chance..dan mr govind make us stand at th side of th parade square do our reading thr...

than go back class...christian came today...
had art..dan recess...recess boring..went down buy drink dan sit downstairs...
aft dat got boringg lessons..than english
english , ms shiow very angry coz class noisy..she nagnagnag shoutshout than complain to zhao sen..
then zhao sen shout some more..say whole class stay back..he also tell me find him after sch coz i late..during his cheena lesson..before english..
so pissedd..
i tok like dead man right..
very lazy post liaoo...